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DJ Heather

Dj Heather’s interest in music was sparked by her own parents’ eclectic record collection and then nourished by her own discoveries. Heavily influenced by the burgeoning waves of industrial, alternative, rap, and house she began to explore the art of deejaying. Attempting to replicate what she heard at underground events, clubs and radio. Known in local circles as a rare groove, hip hop and downtempo dj, requests for her house sets increased and became her primary focus. 

With various collaborations alongside Brett Johnson, Derrick Carter, Johnny Fiasco amongst others, licensed mixed compilations for Afterhours, Fabric, Om, Nordic Trax. Releases on Aroma, Classic, Seasons, and 20/20 Vision to name a few. Her own labels anticonvulsant Blackcherry Recordings, newly minted Apollo Music Group beside Dan X and Lil Mark; in addition to 20 plus years of extensive touring she continues to be a champion of a brand of house Chicago is known for. “To make a room full of people happy is difficult to do. You become part mind reader, guru, sensei, educator, entertainer, babysitter all at once. All the experiences I’ve had, made me who I am today, as a person and dj. I love what I do.” 

Lake Effect: Simply defined as the phenomena created in a surrounding area. That is the essence Chicago house and it’s influence globally as well.

Posted on: February 1st, 2013 by Jason Garden