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Free Show

DAPHNE 2018 WORKSHOP: A DJ Workshop Week and Mentor Program for Women-Identifying and Non-Binary Music Enthusiasts

Friday, Mar 30

7pm Show

$FREE / 18+ / Doors: 6:30PM / Show: 7-9:30PM

DAPHNE 2018:
Walking and Falling: A DJ Workshop Week and Mentor Program for Women-Identifying and Non-Binary Music Enthusiasts
FREE / 18+ / Doors: 6:30PM / Show: 7-9:30PM 
Goals of the program:

• Participants will have an externship experience where they will receive instruction, mentorship, and support in DJing in a variety of formats
• Participants will receive ongoing support and mentorship beyond the externship experience; their host will be available for ongoing communication
• Participants will be provided with community support and networking opportunities in the Chicago dance music space
• Participants will take their experience back to their communities and “pay it forward” through mentorship, volunteering, advocacy efforts, etc

Participants taking part in this part of the program have already been selected from around the country and will spend a week in Chicago working with volunteer Elly Schook (Kiddo) and Samantha Kern (Sassmouth) during the week leading up to the workshop learning basic skills with turntables, CDJs and laptop setups, beat matching and basics of mixing and EQing. 

Walking and Falling will host a free public introductory DJ workshop as part of the Daphne month of events at smartbar on March 30th from 7:00-9:30PM.  The event will be open to women-identifying and non binary music enthusiasts who are 18+ and who have an interest in DJing.  Participants in the DJ Workshop Week and Mentor program will play a part in leading aspects of the public workshop and teaching their new found skills at several DJ stations that will be set up inside the venue. 

‘Walking and Falling’ takes it’s name from a track title from pioneer electronic music artist Laurie Anderson’s album ‘Big Science’ and works well as a symbol for the type of learning philosophy necessary to grow as an artist- the tight rope balancing act between growing and failing and how beneficial ‘falling’ can be in the learning process.

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