Smart Bar

Smart Bar

Monday Mix - Jayda G "DISCWOMAN 16"

Jayda G (Freakout Cult, 1080p) returns to Smartbar this Friday, bringing the infectious energy and groove you need to start your weekend off right. Vibing high and hot off the release of her new Freakout Cult record with Laylay, Jayda G hits Chicago before continuing on to Boston, and NYC for Panorama Music Festival.…

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Monday July 17th

Monday Mix - Kevin Saunderson "Live in Madrid

Have you heard about this lil 35th Anniversary shindig we’re kicking off this summer? Here’s the rundown: July marks smartbar’s 35th year of being the greatest dance floor in Chicago (and let’s face it, probably the world). It’s a pretty big deal and wouldn’t ya know it, techno luminary KEVIN SAUNDERSON is pitching in with the festivities.

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Monday July 10th

Monday Mix - Speedy J "All Night Long 2016"

Saturday Oktave is back with special guest Speedy J and resident Jeff Derringer. Take a listen to the first half of Speedy J’s all night set from 2016 and get a feeling for what to expect. See you on the dance floor.…

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Monday June 26th

Monday Mix - Lauren Flax for Good Room Podcast

Lauren Flax is a DJ, songwriter & record producer. Her discography is extensive, flush with originals, collaborations and remixes, including projects with a long list of world class talent such as Grammy-nominated artist Sia, Kim Ann Foxman, Romy XX and Tricky.…
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Monday May 29th

Monday Mix - Laurel Halo for Truancy

Over the course of several EPs, two albums and many live performances, Laurel Halo has created music which is as strikingly original and engaging as it is unbound to conventions. There is an adventurousness in taste, an expert ear for detail and talent in seeking out exciting and surprising sonic combinations and contrasts – all skillfully bound together without ever feeling forced.…

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Monday May 22nd

Monday Mix - Avalon Emerson Live at Printworks London

Avalon Emerson is from the desert. While she currently lives in Berlin, the music she produces comes from the dreamlike expanse and abstract textures of the Sonoran landscapes of Arizona. Her journey has taken her from that sunbaked state to the contemporary dance music mecca via a long stint in San Francisco, where she cut her teeth as a DJ in the city’s storied warehouse party scene.
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Monday May 15th


As promised, this two hour mix of intense music is sold and Eris Drew’s follow-up to their presentation at 2017’s Daphne workshop on women in electronic music at Smart Bar. At the extremes the mix includes some of the most healing, refined and focused music ever committed to tape (e.g., C.C.…

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Wednesday April 26th