Smart Bar

Smart Bar


Species Characteristics

Name: Sassmouth

Label: god particle

Residencies: Smartbar -Planet Chicago (with Jarvi and Patrick Bosman), As You Like It -San Francisco

Underground: Naughty Bad Fun Collective


One of the fascinating creatures that our Planet houses is the ever-elusive Sassmouth.  Fortunately, the Planet Chicago recording crew caught some sounds from her natural habitat, and we just finished listening to the entire Sassmouth ‘Collected Mixes’ and ‘Selected Productions.’  The music explores all aspects of our Planet.  Mind the abundant basslines, dazzling melodies, and unparalleled orchestral score.  I was absolutely gobsmacked from start to finish indeed!


As of her ‘god particle’ label launch in early 2013, and ‘Planet Chicago’ club night launch at the legendary ‘Smartbar’ in early anti inflammatories 2014 where she continues her Chicago residency, one can say that she is quite simply the inimitable nature/wildlife/DJ/producer.  Following the similarly paramount achievement of being enlisted as a resident for the San Francisco based ‘As You Like It’ production group in early 2013, this colossal cephalopod continued to so sensibly organize each and every impromptu mix whilst covering specific genre regions and/or habitats (deep oceans, techno, Great Lakes, house, shallow seas, electro, urban rivers, experimental, etc.) until the entire Planet was magnificently represented by the most astonishing sounds you’ve ever experienced from the comforts of home, club, or NBFC underground party.


-Sir David Attenborough

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