Bay Area transplant Madeline has been rousing Chicago dance floors since 2014. Their vocal-forward club sets infuse rolling basslines and pulsating kicks with a kinesthetic warmth. A seasoned radio DJ and disciplined student of music history, Madeline’s sound lives at the intersection of analog and digital, intimate and novel, weaving the genre-defining sounds of Chicago into the varied sonic quilt of the future. Madeline developed their sound on WNUR 89.3FM, where they continue to host Statement Piece. They went on to hone their skills as a vinyl DJ at Chicago’s historic Gramaphone records. These experiences helped them establish a reputation for decade-spanning selections – during infectious, jacking house sets in the club and more diverse sonic explorations on the airwaves. As a producer, Madeline uses sensual, layered vocals to infuse pop songwriting structures with a deep house sensibility. Their debut EP, unlearning, was released independently in September 2022.

Resident Advisor