The Blessed Madonna - Smartbar Resident

The Blessed Madonna

Marea Stamper, professionally known as the Blessed Madonna, is one of the most celebrated DJs of her time, thanks to her eclectic, joyous sets, which can encompass anything from classic electro and new wave to the latest techno and house white labels. Cutting her teeth in illegal rave promotion, she developed as a DJ and producer, record label go-fer, A+R.

Her production work, including the widely praised 2016 single “He Is the Voice I Hear,” walks the line between disco and techno, with the emotional weight of the former and the driving momentum of the latter. One of dance music’s foremost activists, she is renowned for her commitment to humanitarian work and her outspoken views on LGBTQ rights and gender inclusivity. Androgynous Mind, Avenger of Comiskey Park, Patron Saint of Abandonned Daughters, Smart Bar Resident.

Resident Advisor